Love art of all types, from all walks of life, mainly urban and street art. People amaze, fascinate and inspire me.
My outlook on life!
Jazz is quintessential to my very existence. Holiday, Ellington, Davis, Thelonius, Coltrane, Gillespie.I don’t know where I would be without their music!
Firm believer that LOVE makes the world go around!
I love to travel!! I don’t want to brag too much, but I have a darn awesome shot glass collection that documents my travels around the world.
I’m not very fashionable, my closet has tons of black everything. But I do have a pretty sweet and vibrant collection of shoes. :o)
Mmmm... so guilty. If loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!!
Who doesn’t love an ampersand? The little and simple things in life satisfy me the most.
Hehe! I don’t want to grow up!
I heart NYC!! Seriously, I heart NYC!!! From the culture to the attitude, this is one place that I have traveled to time and time again, and I just can’t get enough!!
I love philosophy. I live by the wisdom of those come and gone. Thank you Emerson for your words, thank you Ghandi for your strength, thank you Churchill for getting me through that rough spot, Thank you Thoreau, Larson, Kerouac, Rilke. Thank you.
ALL ABOUT SUNDAY FUNDAY!!! Definitely a great day to revive myself... get some extra Z’s catch up with my friends... add some mustaches and mimosas, and Hey-O!! You got a party!!
I’m completely nerdy! In my past life I was a biologist. I still love reading about the course of science, which will always fascinate me!!! Heterotrimeric G-Proteins ROCK!!!
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The Biz

Nic.Roc. Designs is dedicated to creating invitations that are eclectic, colorful, poetic, and totally you! Your stories, love, and livelihood inspires us to create art! We like to push our limits and totally break the box when it comes to designing for our clients.We believe in interpreting all that you are and stand for with color, textures, multiple shapes and media, and printing techniques. Your invitation shouldn't be just an announcement, it's your story and we're here to help you tell it. Not only are we crazy about design, we're crazy about our customers! We're not here just to design your invites, but to create a trusting and friendly relationship that will help make your wedding planning easier.

And Me

I spent my youth painting everything black (room, bed headboard, lamps, etc.), creating collages out of magazine and poster clippings, and staying up all night drawing up some masterpiece that my mom could hang up on the refrigerator. I was infatuated with greeting cards at a very young age. I still have greeting cards given to me dating back to the early 90s! 

I'm fascinated with color. Structure. Lines. Shapes. Texture. I like to take a simple idea and re-interpret it over and over again, until it just feels right. I have a whole artillery worth of art and am totally not afraid to use them!

I graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Cellular Molecular Biology, which automatically qualified me to be a graphic designer. Hehe. Yeah right! During the course of working at a Brain Development Imaging Lab, I soon reunited with the other love of my life, ART (yup, I capitalized that). I was asked to create some digital graphics for fMRI software, needless to say, it was an awesome design experience that led me back to my roots!

Today I am doing what I love most, design. I believe life is too short to fake anything. I might fake my age, but not being true to myself and my calling. I get to create art daily and there's nothing wrong with that! I interpret love into beautiful wedding communiqués, filled with heart and soul, imagination, color, and a little ROC.

That's me on the bottom right!I live a very blessed life with an amazing family, friends, and man by my side, my Irish, Iain, and our pup Chiweenie, Missy. I couldn't ask for anything more.